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Times Live LogoWe use Effective Measure daily as a quick and easy tool to track the top-level performance of our websites, with the added benefit of being able to compare our numbers fairly with those of any other publisher in the South African industry. Also useful is the ability to view audience duplication between websites. And, of course, the Effective Measure numbers are often used in our advertising and sponsorship sales pitches to clients as they are verified and accepted throughout the industry.

Riann Wolmarans - Head of Digital Audience Development - Times Media Group

Effective Measure has proved an invaluable tool for our organisation.  It allows us to gain a far deeper insight into our audience demographics and profiles which in turn has allowed us to significantly improve our new audience acquisition performance.  At the same time it has enhanced our ability to segment and target our audiences, increasing advertising campaign effectiveness and improving our overall advertising proposition to clients.

Matthew Moore - Group Marketing Manager - Gulf News Media

My day starts with checking data on Effective Measure. This platform has given our media company an understanding our own brand value and standing in the UAE market. It helps us in planning and achieving our digital vision and goal. Using Effective Measure, we are able to understand our audience in much better ways than before.

Wasim Chougle - Khaleej Times