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emPower is the leading data co-operative for publishers in the Middle East and Africa.

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Empower local publishers

emPower unites publishers in the Middle East and Africa through audience data. It provides a new stream of revenue from international agencies in the programmatic advertising industry interested in targeting emerging markets.

Cater to international demand

Advertisers around the world are targeting emerging markets more than ever. The emPower data co-operative connects you to international revenue through Demand-Side Platforms, including DoubleClick, The Trade Desk and MediaMath.

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It's free to join

Tag your website with Effective Measure and start earning revenue through emPower today.

How it works

Data co-operative for publishers

Contribute to over 500 audience segments used by advertisers worldwide.

Nationality: Emiratis (UAE Nationals)

Nationality: Arabs

Nationality: GCC Nationals

Nationality: Saudis

Nationality: Westerners

Sports: Rugby


Parents: Mothers with Children

Generations: Generation X

LSM 10

Automotive: Mercedes Modelled Intender

Travel: Business Class Traveller Modelled Intender

Real Estate: Modelled Medium Income House Intender

Online Shopper: Online Shopper (at least once a month)

Online Shopper: Online Shopper (at least once a month)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the revenue model work?
  • Agencies use the data segments to target programmatic ad campaigns.
  • emPower data is available through our Demand-Side Platform Partners - Google's DoubleClick, TradeDesk, and MediaMath.
  • When purchasing inventory in these platforms, agencies add emPower data to their campaign.
  • Publishers receive payment within 60 days from the end of each quarter.
How is publisher revenue shared?
  • Publisher revenue share is based on the percentage contribution to the total regional Unique Browsers to the data pool.
  • Unique Browsers are calculated by Effective Measure and reported in our Audience Measurement Dashboard.
  • If a publisher contributes 10% of the month's regional Unique Browsers, then that publisher will receive 10% of the publisher revenue share.
  • We provide quarterly reports for transparency on revenue generation.
Will there by any changes to my website?

Aside from collecting data through our Javascript tracking tag, we may also launch basic demographic and market research surveys periodically for your website visitors.

What about data privacy?
  • All data is aggregated and anonymous to protect your existing revenue streams.
  • We do not use any personally identifiable information.
  • We adhere to international data collection standards.
  • Effective Measure cookie data expires every 30 days, and is replaced by constantly refreshed data.

We hear day in and day out the promise of audience targeting, when really we’re being offered remnant spaces of inventory across categories. Through the time that Effective Measure have put into genuinely segmenting their audiences, with a myriad of options – we have seen our CPA’s decrease, giving our client’s better ROI.

Matthew Wilke - Head of Programmatic Media, Neo@Ogilvy, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

Havas supports publishers to opt-in to Effective Measure's data contribution model. It's a win-win for both publisher and client. Publishers will receive extra revenue, and clients will benefit from more targeted programmatic campaigns.

Alice Bezirard - Programmatic Manager, Affiperf Dubai, Havas Media

The Omnicom Media Group has a significant pipeline of audience buying opportunities that we can action immediately with a third party data source. Omnicom Media Group supports publishers to opt-in to Effective Measure's data co-operative... data-driven media buying represents a significant future for our advertisers.

Dimitri Metaxas - Executive Regional Director, Specialist Companies, Omnicom Media Group MENA

We spent the last couple of months successfully testing Effective Measure's data. It's quite apparent that having access to this data not only improves the targeting and return on investment, but most importantly enables us to spend a lot more on local inventory. This is a win-win for the agencies, advertiser and publishers. We encourage our partners to get involved in the next phase of emPower and see the added value to their businesses.

Ali Nehme - Managing Director, VivaKi

What can be bought programmatically, will be. This has been the operating mantra. Essentially data and programmatic methodology offers the targeting required to reach the qualified audiences. We have started testing emPower data with different segments, and are beginning to see success in relevancy with emphasis on local reach. 

TJ Lightwala - Regional Director, Head of Performance and Programmatic, Mindshare MENA

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